The Ultimate 2024 Middle East Dates

Planner & MasterClass

Align Your Marketing with the Gulf

Planner and MasterClass


Every year, the Middle East bursts with events and celebrations that deeply resonate with its people.

If you have got big goals then the Ultimate 2024 Middle East Planner is going to help you make them your reality.

Not only this, but we also explain you each date, its significance and what to do.

So look no further, your best YEAR ever starts right here…

Make 2024 your best Year yet.


Confidently plan your 2024 and get ahead of your competition.


Impress your clients with your knowledge and thoughtfulness.


Build a network of raving fans who recommend all their friends.

What is Included

The Ultimate 2024 Planner

  • All the GCC dates and holidays you must know for 2024

  • Every date for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait

  • The ability to plan ahead

The MasterClass

  • Explanation for every date and why they are important

  • Clarifications whether the dates are important for one country or all

  • Suggestions how to incorporate the dates in your Marketing and Strategy plan for 2024

Hi, I am Corina

I started working with clients from the Gulf about 20 years ago.

At the time staying in contact with clients was so much harder as Social Media wasn't a thing.

So it was easy to lose touch.

Not anymore... because Social Media makes it so much less complicated.

If you know what to do.

And I tried different strategies on multiple platforms - until they worked.

Clients from the Gulf regularly tell me I always remember everything that matters to them.

And that is why I created The Ultimate Planner for 2024 together with the MasterClass.

Because testing strategies is HARD work.

And I want you to have the shortcut that took me years to work out.

Brands I have worked with

Why not make life even easier and also get

The Ultimate 2024 Greeting Card Bundle

The Ultimate 2024 Greeting Card Bundle


  • 24 beautiful created Digital Greeting Cards

  • Every Gulf holiday for 2024 included

  • Ready to download and use straight away

  • No need to design each individually

  • No more worrying what to send


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